My little sister Madison and her best friend Sarah have Down Syndrome, they have inspired, and influenced my art significantly throughout the years, giving me so much knowledge and encouragement throughout my life. Growing up, I noticed how “normal” people tend to label those with special needs as disabled. I would watch people talk around my sister and her friends as if they were a third party, and not part of a conversation that directly concerned them, it hurt my heart to see my sister struggle to have her voice and be heard.

My work explores the difficulties individuals with Down syndrome endure by being unnoticed and underestimated. I’m interested in studying the vulnerabilities within the Down syndrome community and showing how public perception affects them.

Through portraiture, I aim to illuminate the unique personalities, and strength of those with Down syndrome because they’re more like other individuals than different. I illustrate this community of people to demonstrate voices, talents, passions, and problems these individuals face day to day, just like any other person.

My art informs the audience of how people with Down Syndrome are affected by the words, looks, and labels people use to define them as being different. This compels me to create art that could change the public opinion of those with Down Syndrome by sharing aspects of their lives: their humanity, vulnerabilities, and their individuality.